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Ajay Singh Bisht*, Rajat Bisht

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Microwave assested synthesis of phthalimide amino derivatives with their antioxidant potential

Original Article

Author Details : Ajay Singh Bisht*, Rajat Bisht

Volume : 3, Issue : 3, Year : 2021

Article Page : 23-27

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Imide is the configuration of amide in which the nitrogen atom is affix to two carbonyl group. Imide mention to any compound which carry the divalent radical. Phthalimide possess a structural feature CHNO and an imide ring which help them to be biologically active and pharmaceutically useful.Phthalimides have served as starting materials and intermediates for the synthesis of many types of alkaloids and pharmacophores.In view of broad biological activity of phthalimide, we herein plan to synthesize a series of new phthalimide derivatives by incorporating new pharmacophores at various positions with the hope to get therapeutically active compounds. The aim the study is to synthesize phthalimide derivatives by using microwave assisted synthesis method and compare the activity of the synthesized molecules. Thus, the current communication employed the technology gracefully for the synthesis, identification and characterization of some novel derivatives by the reaction of Phthalic anhydride with urea, glycine, aniline, sulphanilic acid to yield various Phthalimide derivatives using domestic microwave by getting percentage yield 70.7%, 76.65%, 80.21% and 73.78% of synthesized compound BBBand Brespectively. The compound B(92.86%) showed higher percentage practical yield. All synthesized compound(s) were subjected to melting point determination, TLC analysis, column chromatography (for purification), H-NMR and Mass Spectrometry. All synthesized derivatives were subjected for DDPH scavenging activity, in which compound Bwas found to have high anti-oxidant potential (69.56%) when ascorbic acid was taken as standard. All the chemicals used were of highly pure and procured from Central Drug House (New Delhi).

Keywords: Microwaves, Imide, Phthalimide, DDPH, Antioxidant

How to cite : Bisht A S, Bisht R, Microwave assested synthesis of phthalimide amino derivatives with their antioxidant potential. Curr Trends Pharm Pharm Chem 2021;3(3):23-27

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