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It gives me immense pleasure to write an editorial for the Journal Current Trends in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Chemistry. The Journal being launched on the new platform shall be in the welfare of the pharmacy professionals and by and large for Pharmaceutical Chemistry professionals. The journal already entails interdisciplinary approach of Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry, Pharmacology, Biochemistry, Computational Chemistry and Chemical Biology. On behalf of editorial board members, it is hereby assured that the Journal shall maintain professional approach and be in favour of student pharmacist and for their welfare. It also wished to all the Editorial Board Members a very happy beginning for the Journal.

Apart from the Journal., the world has been hit by the waves Covid. In this perspective, there are some facts to be discussed amongst all pharmacy professionals. The Covid showed us that forgetting the sweet inter competition it was time where the pharmacy professionals in India and all over the served the human being. Yes, I would like to repeat the word human beings, as all we are and almost every time we forget. Being at a stress we experienced and noticed the sounds of ambulances and prayed for the wellbeing of the one being carried by it. Whether being an atheist wished good luck for the sick and every believer prayed for the wellbeing. Some countries were also ensured that it is a God’s curse. But Science lived as we pharmacy professionals believed in the cure and principles of bowl of Hygiea and the rod of Asclepius.

Anyways what the world commented and what in it believed, from the principles of optimism, that every problem ends with the solution and all solutions are born with the problem.

Covid itself came with solution, the solution of treatment, early literatures of the Wuhan outbreaks suggested various treatments. The world was almost glorified with the magnanimous effort of various pharmaceuticals approving the drugs for the emergency use and they had severe side effects, but we had no choice and they proved to be effective. Further the menace of Covid continued with the variant strains and again all were proved wrong with the facts that the titer counts from the susceptibility to Covid variants proved them wrong again. The vaccines proved to be effective and the Covid was at a back step again. Have our people and the young scientists from India forgotten the principles of the modern pharmacology or chemical biology or virology or medicinal chemistry that ever if there is a new variant the immunogenic responses have wide range and cross variant susceptibility. The Government of India was literally managing the situation with several of the people rather co-operating were opposing the Noble cause of medical care. They forgot the ethics and indeed were not humane. Always Science prevails and the truth prevails, the facts prevails, nothing is invented rather it is discovered. The scientific principles under a truth needs to be discovered and when they are discovered they change scenario, of any situations like pandemic, epidemic or catastrophe. The situation was not worsened we were. As the pharmacist community was also not realizing the facts of the catastrophe. The cures came one after another, co-morbids also started surviving it was not a magic, it was discovering the real truths, the truths of Science, Pharmacy, Pharmacology, Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology.

The next in turn is the release of new drugs from DRDO, Virafin from Zydus and several of them available for cure with the old such as prednisolone and many other Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Agents. The scenario is changing day by day. Reports say that in India, the third wave may affect the children, again it would be better to be reminded that those vaccinated at an early age with Influenzae and BCG both are at a lesser risk of developing severe Covid symptoms. The fact being Influenzae being the orthomyxovirus shows a cross inter immunity against the Covid. The fact being observed by many clinical trial centres in India. The reports suggested the 17% of children population vaccinated with both of these , being possessing the antibodies against the Covid. Lastly the most awaited of all the Cocktail vaccine, it will be really helpful against all the variants of the Covid. Media suggests the clinical trials being already started in India and world wide.

It’s not being whether an atheist or believer, but believe in Science and profession of Pharmacy, the world being a very small space, forget the differences and explore the Science.

With Gratitude to all the Scientists in India and Pharmacy profession!!


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A. G. Nerkar

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Received : 25-05-2021

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